The Foodist Monk: Yunnan, China


30 kilometers in 3 days – that was the goal of the hike through Southern Yunnan province, China. The lush, and pristine tropical rainforests of this area are popular amongst local Chinese. Many of the local people are non-Han (non-Chinese); ethnic tribesfolk. When I met my guide Ai Ni Pa (Sam) of the Bulang tribe, he was no exception. We met in the city of Jinhong; his reception was warm and he was excited to start the journey.


We took a local bus from Jinhong to the town of Xiding, two and a half hours away, where we began our hike. The minibus seating 24 people took us over precarious dirt roads. I peered out the window of the bus as we slowed down around some roads that were washed away by the heavy rains in previous weeks. I marveled at how adept the bus driver was in maneuvering this vehicle through the maze of roads and how non-plussed the other passengers were on the minibus.


We arrived safely in Xiding, and visited a local market for supplies. The local tribes would travel on foot up and down hills for several days to bring their food to the market to sell. The colours and sounds were a feast for the senses. Continue reading

The Foodist Monk: Sichuan in Chengdu



This blog that has been ruminating for the last year is getting even more exciting!  We are pleased to announce that we will be pitching this year at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival.

On Sunday November 9, 10:00 am at the George Ignatieff Theatre, (15 Devonshire Pl, Toronto, ON) we will be unveiling the documentary idea that will see Keith and Teresa travelling to Sichuan Province, China to explore the food and culture of this hotspot of Chinese cuisine.  This pitch is opened to the public and we could use all the support we can get.  We’ve put together a small trailer of images and you can see its debut by coming to the pitch fest.  Follow our journey as we prepare for the debut of The Foodist Monk on the world stage in this pitch competition at this prestigious festival.  With one more week to go, our evenings are jam-packed with practice and dry runs, but the best part of this process is the research.


We are also honoured with passes to see these amazing films at the foremost Asian film festival in Canada.  With any luck, our film will be premiering at this festival next year.