About Keith Chen


Foodism  n. enthusiasm for and interest in the preparation, presentation and consumption of good food


Born in India, Keith Chen has a multi-faceted Chinese background with grandparents who immigrated to India in the 1920’s, and parents who immigrated to Canada in the early 1970’s. His early years in India and Canada have given him a world-view for food from a differing lens. Exposed to all sorts of flavourful foods like chilies, curries, and thali, in Chinese and Indian styles, this has given him a fresh perspective of how to spice up life bite by bite.

For almost 20 years, owning and running successful food manufacturer, Culinary Destination Limited, Keith has travelled the earth seeking new ideas, concepts and creations. His travels to food shows like in Anuga in Germany, Gulf Food in Dubai, and SIAL in France has kept him up-to-date on food trends that speak to the locals and gourmands alike. Exploring the many cultures in China, Japan, Vietnam has opened his eyes to the way food can be prepared and enjoyed locally, brought to the global stage, and appreciated by the citizens of the world.

In Keith’s view, food is not only sustenance, but also a common language for comfort, joy and contentment.

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