The Foodist Monk: Hua Hin, Thailand


It’s Throwback Thursday and US Thanksgiving – in honour of that here’s a repost of the original Foodist Monk blog.


Getting off the train at the historic station in Hua Hin, with its red and white pavilion beckoning me to visit, I felt the welcome freshness of the seaside air. This is the playground of kings. King Rama VI and VII of Thailand, to be exact. They built their summer homes here. What better way to find relief from the stifling heat of Bangkok than to visit this sleepy, seaside town. DSC_0206


Bangkok friends had sent me to this town known for its beautiful stretch of beach; a great place to people watch from the seaside restaurants. I followed my nose to the fragrant aromas of spices and curry. As luck would have it, I did not have to walk too far to find some delicious seafood yellow curry.

DSC_0149 DSC_0143

Must be a good spot as many locals were here. While many seaside locales are popular hotspots for foreigners, Hua Hin is popular among foreigners and Thai alike.

The food caters to the palate of Thais. The curry has a welcoming tongue tingling heat that was cooled from refreshingly sweet slices of mango.

DSC_0173 DSC_0177

Continuing the walk along the beach, I was told by some locals to visit the fish spa. What’s a fish spa? I asked.  Turns out it’s a place to soak my achy feet where the live fish were the exfoliants.  This I had to try!

DSC_0390   DSC_0373  DSC_0370

Who knew that the circle of life would be complete: I eat the fish for lunch, fish eat dead skin off my feet after lunch. Placing my feet in the cool pool, I felt the fish feasting on my well-travelled feet right away. It tickles slightly, and this spa is as much a curiosity for other Thai people as it is a foreigner like me. Others gathered around as the minnow-like fish feasted.  And as I dried my feet, I admired my soft toes – callous free! I was ready to wander some more of this seaside resort town.  Food stalls called to me to try their wares:DSC_0506DSC_0501

Tasting the freshly steamed buns and pineapple rice showed me the varied taste of the people of Hua Hin; delivered with the friendly ways that the people of Thailand are so well-known for. Still hot from the food-cart, each morsel created a harmony that made my tastebuds sing as I continued along the beach, marvelling at the smiles I encountered.DSC_0473

DSC_0387Further walking led me to the many and varied seaside restaurants including one with a romantic canopy.


The quiet beach was the ideal place to watch the sun takes its bow for the night.


And as I enjoyed the final glimmer of light, I marvelled at my adventures today and how the people of Hua Hin could make me feel like a King with their hospitality and delicious cuisine.


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