The Launch of The Foodist Monk



This has been years in the making.  Decades of travel, gathered in one blogsite.  Like many other families, as I gather with mine for Thanksgiving dinner in Canada, I am thankful that I can share my experiences around the world with you through this blog. I hope you enjoy my travels and that these journeys will inspire you to feast and adventure, whether in real-time or blog-time.

I will post the first of many adventures tomorrow:  Hua Hin, Thailand – playground of Kings

Keith Chen, The Foodist Monk

20 thoughts on “The Launch of The Foodist Monk

  1. Jessie Zhu

    Awesome blog! enjoyed your travels and food thought very much. Will follow your adventures and learn more about your journey. All the best!”


  2. karen

    Look forward to reading more Keith! Hope to be inspired back into the kitchen. Used to enjoy reading cook books and experimenting with foods from other countries. Enjoyed mixing my own spices and not sure but may have poisoned a few folks by mistake…


  3. Gil White

    Great name for your site. Since the cost of food in Thailand is so cheap it allows a frugal traveller to eat like a King too. You don’t look too ‘monkish’ to me though 🙂


  4. Erin Dalton

    Keith, this is great! I can’t wait to hear more about your travels and the food you find. With your passion for both, I have a feeling we will be reading and drooling all over our keyboards. Safe travels.


  5. Barb Jeffrey Collinson

    Awesome blog, and so perfect for you and lucky for the rest of us! Will subscribe when I figure out how and have sent your link on to Bob G from TUG
    Hope to keep hearing from you
    Barb J-C aka cousin Barb


  6. Zach white

    What a great idea keith! Keep posting! Happy thanks giving all the way from Mississippi, where thanks giving does not happen for another month 😭


    • keithkhchen

      That is exciting! Thailand has such a diversity and richness of flavour in all of their dishes. Attention to detail, the texture, colour and taste (spicy, sweet, sour and salty) are integral to Thai cooking.


  7. Jodie

    Food and travel are also two of my favorite things. It’s great you took an initiative to record those memories of your palate and journey. Look forward to seeing more! Happy Thanksgiving!


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